Biodelta fluid

Biodelta® fuid is a food supplement with sweeteners based on N-Acetylcysteine ​​and plant extracts. Grindelia is useful for its balsamic effect, promotes the functionality of the upper respiratory tract, promotes an emollient and lenitive action on the oropharyngeal mucosa and on the tone of the voice. Adhatoda vasica promotes the fluidity of bronchial secretions. The black currant contributes to the well-being of the nose and throat and to the joint functionality. Gluten free.

Ingredients: Acqua; Mela frutto succo conc.; Edulcoranti: Maltitolo sciroppo, Acesulfame K, Neoesperidina DC; Correttore d’acidità: Idrossido di sodio, Citrato trisodico; N-Acetilcisteina (NAC); Aroma; Glicerolo; Grindelia (Grindelia robusta Nutt.) erba con fiori e.s.; Adhatoda vasica (Justicia adhatoda L.) foglie e.s.; Ribes nero (Ribes nigrum L.) foglie e.s.; Conservanti: Sorbato di potassio, Benzoato di sodio.