Biodelta® operates in research, development and marketing of Dietary Supplements and Medical Devices, characterized by a perfect synergy between the active ingredients, a necessary condition to guarantee a perfect “Orchestra” effect of the components.

The functional active ingredients are highly titrated and have for most natural derivation.  We use a modern twist and certified components derived from a long tradition of phytotherapy, already known to the ancient civilizations, of the various constituents, such as natural remedy for the wellness.

Each product can also be used as complement to the drugs to increase their bioavailability and to reduce their dosage and treatment time.

To realize our formulas we use the expertise and patents of Italian and International Companies with excellent renown and that are in the cutting edge in production processes and control.

Assisted by the scientific collaboration of Universities and Research Center, before the commercialization of new products, we entrust the pilot batches to different medical center to verify its usefulness and promote wellness and beauty from internal.

In line with the guideline and the constant medical updates , all the products are subject to periodical review in order to offer safe supplements and in line with most important news of the Pharmaceutical Industry, due to the result of relevant scientific studies.

Each products has on packaging the code assigned by Ministry of Health in the food Supplementary Registry attesting the successful outcome of the notification of new product on the market.